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Monika Meyer  

Holy god! I actually got a iPhone XS! My friends are gonna freak!

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Mark Hughes

Hello everyone, My name is Mark. I am a software engineer by trade. So I am up on what is an internet scam and what isn't. Trust me, It's a legit company that will honor any rewards as long as you try out some of the cool product offering from some of their sponsors. Thank you for introducing me to cool new products to try. As well as getting a iPhone XS for doing so.

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Tristan Wuyts

Taking the surveys is fun. I was in marketing so I find these surveys very interesting. Then, of course, is the shopping -- and who doesn't like that? It was fun, and I found a lot of great deals. I highly recommend Reward Zone.

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Troy Grainger  

I have to say I was completely overwhelmed by your notification that I had qualified for this reward,and amazed that your company is truly bonafide and trustworthy. It warms the spirit and restore one's faith in human nature!! I can't thank you enough, this has come at a time of great need! Thank you again...

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Olivia Henry

Hello! Yes, I filled out the offers and received my prize as was promised! I also received many wonderful products from the offers I chose. Thank you!.

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Zachary Lassen

This note is to confirm the legitamacy of the Reward Zone USA Program. The guidelines for earning the award of your choosing (mine was a iPhone XS), are clearly specified and I'm proof that if you follow the directions you will receive the award. I chose my offers as directed, saved and printed all the confirmations and submitted the required documentation to the Reward Zone Team then waited for their response. It takes a while for them to verify everything, but if you've simply done what you were directed to do, Reward Zone will honor their end of the deal. In the attached picture, I'm holding the two $500 reward cards in front of my wonderful new TV, that I purchased with just part of that $1000. Thanks Reward Zone USA Team!!

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Yasmin Chandler

Thank you so much for the iPhone XS. Wow! This is the easiest and fastest money I ever made in my life. The customer support are very helpful and great help always. This company is really awesome.

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Your "iPhone XS" has been reserved.

Please follow the instructions below to get your reward!

1. Click the GET NOW button.

2. Answer the 3 questions on the next page and enter the email address attached to your Facebook account to begin.

3. Once you're on the inside, submit all the required information and answer all the questions to collect your free gift!


Get your iPhone XS or if not it will be given to someone else.

*Details apply